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Changer de banque avec un crédit : les différentes solutions

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Sometimes, for personal reasons, you want to change banks, perhaps simply because you do not feel comfortable. However, in the case of a current loan, it may be different. Today, we are going to give you the different solutions to change bank while having a loan.

How to change bank with a loan?

The modalities for changing banks are not always easy to achieve with active credit . Indeed, the transfer of a bank account is possible, but not that of a credit. The various conditions set by the bank when signing the agreement risk disrupting the procedures. Fortunately, to switch banks easily , even with a current loan, there are fairly easy solutions . Indeed, there are three distinct solutions, namely:

  • The repurchase of credit;
  • Permanent payment;
  • Advance credit payment.

However, some options may incur a fee, so double check before choosing.

The repurchase of credit

Your request will be carefully examined by your future bank . However, be aware that the new bank is not obliged to take you as its own customer, or to redeem your credit. The risk is therefore your responsibility. You must therefore be vigilant and not close the various accounts you hold too quickly. On the other hand, if the bank is attracted by your application,  Coinjoin it will do everything in its power to ensure that you quickly become one of its customers. To do this, she can accept a commercial or even financial act towards you. It can be a special offer, preferential rates, or services. Each banking institution has its means to attract a potential customer.

Open a bank account elsewhere while keeping your credit in your original bank

This second choice is generally popular, especially for those who need multiple accounts at different banks. Note that this systematic approach obviously requires that periodic payments to the new bank account be made. With this option, you are able to have accounts in two separate banking institutions. As far as current credit is concerned, things are easier. On the other hand, you must be well aware, as a customer, of the financial charges that will be debited from your accounts by the two banking establishments! This can lead to considerable costs. Before choosing this option, carefully study your budget and establish your file correctly.

Pay the loan in advance

You can pay your loan in advance, partially or in full, at any time. Indeed, as soon as you benefit from income or that you have the required amounts on the various types of savings vehicles, you are able to pay your loan. So, all you have to do is close your account and change your bank. There you go, the contract is concluded. However, in reality, few people have enough capital to get  Coinjoin by. If your budget does not allow you to pay such an amount, it is always possible to appeal to your future bank to pay your loan on your behalf. This is called a credit buyback. Also note that this choice entails additional costs .

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