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Punaise de lit Eyguières : détection et traitement d’une infestation de punaises de lit !

Punaise de lit Eyguières
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Are you facing a bedbug infestation in Eyguières? Call on an expert professional to get rid of it optimally!

We guide you through this article to know everything about the detection and treatment of bedbugs in Eyguières.

How to recognize a bed bug?

Flattened oval in shape , the bedbug in adulthood is similar to an apple seed 4-7mm and brown in color. Young bed bugs are smaller and paler and not very visible to the naked eye.
The bedbug is a nocturnal insect that feeds on blood, devoid of wings and does not jump, but move quite quickly. They avoid the light and favor dark places to lodge in particular, in the seams and slits of your bedding, cracks, behind the upholstery, in the screws, in the  mix bitcoin cash switches and electrical outlets …

How to detect the presence of bed bugs in Eyguières?

Since bed bugs bite, bites are the first sign that could possibly alert you to their presence. Their bites are similar to mosquito bites but are often in an aligned or grouped shape on certain areas of your body, such as legs, arms, neck …

Other traces also on your bed can attest to their presence such as:

  • Traces of blood spread on the sheets;
  • clusters of small black dots or stains on the mattress, box spring, bed frame … which are the droppings of bedbugs;
  • skins or moults left by insects during their metamorphosis;
  • bedbug eggs which are whitish in color and arranged in a cluster or cluster shape in the nooks and crannies.

How to treat bedbugs in Eyguières?

The treatment of a bedbug infestation in Eyguières , is done according to two complementary procedures which are:

  • Mechanical control which is carried out by sucking up insects with a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaning;
  • a chemical treatment that can only be done by a specialist.

So, to effectively get rid of bed bugs at home in Eyguières, call on a professional who knows the specifics of this insect and will know which method and which product to adapt to the situation.

Bedbug Eyguières

Note that bed bugs are very tough and can quickly develop resistance to chemicals you apply, especially those sold in supermarkets, shops … You can find out more about this on this site .

Who to contact on Eyguières in the event of a bedbug infestation?

On Eyguières, you can contact “Nuisibles expert”, a network of professional experts, certified and approved in France. Operating in Eyguières and its surroundings, Nuisibles expert works with individuals and professionals 7 days a week, with the possibility of emergency intervention and especially for all types of pests.

Experts in the field, our professionals help clean your home of these insects that annoy you quickly and effectively without any possible recurrence.

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